The Best Seed EIS round of 2016

To our Members

Following our pre-launch announcement last Tuesday (see below if you missed it), I’m delighted to tell you that our Initial Crowd Offering went live on Thursday: The round is intended primarily to underpin our international expansion in 2017, and audience acquisition costs.

This single investment provides exposure to all the successful fundraising companies that we expect to host over the coming years. Taken together with our low operating costs, we think (modestly!) that this might just be the best SEIS investment of 2016.

Our full Seed EIS capacity remains available to UK investors in this round – good timing for year-end tax planning.

Angel Investment Network is taking our ICO to typical angel-sized investors globally. We expect to add a listing on Syndicate Room in due course with a lower minimum investment requirement. Please do contact me directly if you would like to give the Investment Memorandum your consideration.

We have very exciting plans and I would of course warmly welcome your participation in the next chapter of our evolution!

Best, Shane

We were kept very busy over the Summer and I want to share with you what’s coming up:

Crowdfest 2016

The biggest event of the year in Crowdfunding takes place this Wednesday and Thursday 18th & 19th October, with an unrivalled line-up of speakers and exhibitors from all corners of the Crowdfunding space. There are still some places available.

Crowdfest, begins Oct 19th at 8am

The best news of all – we’re live streaming it, for both days. You can access the stream at our website at http://www.IntelligentCrowd.TV from 8am each day – with our complements!

Our New website launches today, featuring video transcription, subtitles & video search. Want to find the pitches that feature most frequently “IP Protection” or “Patents”? No problem. Looking for companies with “Block Chain” stories? Easy. We hope you enjoy, and it makes the search for relevant opportunities easier for you.


Are you a company that’s a bit more developed, preparing for Series B? BVCA are hosting a forum on November 3rd, and I’ll be there to moderate a panel on “B2B: what are series B investors looking for?” Checkout for more information.

The Series A Hour with Match Capital

Meanwhile great news if you’re seeking Series A funding: We’ve teamed up with Match Capital and are pleased to announce the launch of our second TV format – The Series A Hour™ with Match Capital. The first series will start in January 2017. Co-hosted with some of the UK’s leading VC firms (around 30 have opted in so far, to lend their skills), we’ll be helping Series A-ready companies to reach a wide audience of VC, PE, Family Office and Corporate Venturing investors easily and efficiently. Apply at

The Seed & EIS Hour - Series 4

And on the same day each week from January, lookout for our return with Series 4 of The Seed & EIS Hour™, our award-winning format for early stage fundraising. We’ll be airing both programs, live, from our new studios – part of an exciting collaboration to take UK investment opportunities to the Chinese investment community, that we’ll be announcing soon.

Finally, the biggest news of all – this week marks the start of our own Initial Crowd Offering, to underpin our international expansion in 2017, and we’re happy to announce our selected partners for this campaign: lookout for us on Angel Investment Network and subsequently on Syndicate Room, or alternatively contact me:

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope to see you at either the Crowdfest or BVCA events!

Posted On: 24 Oct 2016