Posted On: 11 Jul 2016
Denis Ahmet & Tim Hamilton - Danceacise
Danceacise™ combines a unique "precision" dance mat and on-line video tutorials to teach any genre of dance and fitness. 20% of the UK population are involved in dance and fitness, we...
Posted On: 11 Jul 2016
Maria Rosaria Truppo - PhotoCert
Photocert is a patent-pending software solution that allows users to certify photos from their mobile device. The certification guarantees the authenticity of a photo, the source device, GPS location,...
Posted On: 4 Jul 2016
Dr Christopher Ball - Jupiter Diagnostics
Jupiter Diagnostics
Clinic-based doctors lack ready access to reliable blood tests. Today’s solution - sending the patient or a blood sample to a lab - is fundamentally inefficient, with waits of a day or more lead...
Posted On: 4 Jul 2016
Katie Bell - Pactster
Pactster is a marketplace for fitness videos, connecting people who prefer (or are limited to) working out at home with instructors who can provide content specific to their needs. Their unique, inst...
Posted On: 27 Jun 2016
Charlie Price - CEO and Founder - Mini Screen Pictures
Mini Screen Pictures
Mini Screen Pictures specialises in making and distributing entertainment programmes for smartphones and tablets. We want to help Brands and Broadcasters maximise the value of their campaigns and fran...
Posted On: 27 Jun 2016
Weerada Sucharitkul - Co-founder - FilmDoo
FilmDoo is an online video-on-demand (VOD) platform focused on helping people to discover and watch great films, short films and other content from around the world. Unlike other VOD platforms, FilmDo...
Posted On: 13 Jun 2016
Andrea Bonaceto HiredGrad
HiredGrad is the first platform looking at graduate recruiting with the eyes of student societies. We are creating a tool for student societies to provide real value to their members by connecting the...
Posted On: 13 Jun 2016
Hatim Siyawala Presents Rewinr
REWINR- Mobile Rewards Network We are innovating and disrupting the traditional annoying mobile advertising by providing proprietary reward distribution loop methodology. REWINR is a mobile ...
Posted On: 6 Jun 2016
Chad Cribbins - presents is a rolling travel memoir that offers personalized travel recommendations based on your interests. Our app that stitches together the most important moments of any trip into a digital sto...
Posted On: 6 Jun 2016
Chris Butt presents Cognisess
Cognisess is People Analytics Software and is at the forefront of a revolution in data-driven human resources; redefining how businesses recruit, manage and nurture their most important asset: people....