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    Intelligent Crowd TV was delighted to support and partner with Cocoon Networks for their pre-listing road show in June 2016, Beijing-Wuhan-Shenzen.
    • Coming up at 8pm on July 11th

      Alexandre Covello

      CEO Spotlight

      Alexandre Covello, CEO at AngelsCube

      Alexandre Covello, CEO at AngelsCube, is tonight’s “CEO Spotlight” for an in-depth look at this international accelerator network.









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    • Coming up at 8pm on July 11th

      John Zai

      Special Guest

      Alexandre Covello, CEO at AngelsCube

      John Zai, CEO and co-founder of Cocoon Networks, joins us to discuss his firm’s imminent opening of Europe’s biggest incubator, and injecting $500mn of early-stage funding for UK companies. Cocoon is opening up China to UK companies: could this have come at a better time?




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    • Coming up at 8pm on July 11th

      Sarah Wadham

      Special Guest

      Alexandre Covello, CEO at AngelsCube

      Sarah Wadham, former Director General of the EIS Association, is our Special Guest this week, discussing a key issue – Brexit: SME impact?









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    The Seed & EIS Hour LIVE REPLAY – July 11th 2016

    Companies presented on July 11th 2016:

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    Photocert is a patent-pending software solution that allows users to certify photos from their mobile device. The certification guarantees the authenticity of a photo, the source device, GPS location,...

    Danceacise™ combines a unique "precision" dance mat and on-line video tutorials to teach any genre of dance and fitness. 20% of the UK population are involved in dance and fitness, we...

    Our latest presentations:

    All companies showcased here are offering investors full voting and pre-emption rights, as well as valuation and terms identical to any participating institutional investors. Most still have some capacity for investment under HM Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Whilst this provides significant downside protection we recommend that our audience aims to build a well-diversified portfolio.
    Jupiter Diagnostics

    Clinic-based doctors lack ready access to reliable blood tests. Today’s solution - sending the patient or a blood sample to a lab - is fundamentally inefficient, with waits of a day or more lead...

    Pactster is a marketplace for fitness videos, connecting people who prefer (or are limited to) working out at home with instructors who can provide content specific to their needs. Their unique, inst...
    Mini Screen Pictures

    Mini Screen Pictures specialises in making and distributing entertainment programmes for smartphones and tablets. We want to help Brands and Broadcasters maximise the value of their campaigns and fran...

    FilmDoo is an online video-on-demand (VOD) platform focused on helping people to discover and watch great films, short films and other content from around the world. Unlike other VOD platforms, FilmDo...

    HiredGrad is the first platform looking at graduate recruiting with the eyes of student societies. We are creating a tool for student societies to provide real value to their members by connecting the...

    REWINR- Mobile Rewards Network We are innovating and disrupting the traditional annoying mobile advertising by providing proprietary reward distribution loop methodology. REWINR is a mobile ...

    Firef.ly is a rolling travel memoir that offers personalized travel recommendations based on your interests. Our app that stitches together the most important moments of any trip into a digital sto...

    Cognisess is People Analytics Software and is at the forefront of a revolution in data-driven human resources; redefining how businesses recruit, manage and nurture their most important asset: people....
    Kanisi (Rotor Videos)

    Rotor is a new technology for making music videos online, in a matter of minutes. It is a cloud-based tool, so everything takes place in Rotor website. All the user needs to do is sign up and f...

    By connecting people, we make it easy to find trusted help for the home and loved ones. We are the only marketplace solution for housekeeping, childcare and elderly care. We are the "AirBnB of ho...
    ET Index

    ET Index helps institutional investors manage risk and maximise returns in a carbon constrained world.

    Marketsnapp, the UK’s first online platform for markets! Marketsnapp helps small local businesses reach a wider audience at the click of a button. With no sign up fees and 0% commission on ...
    Click Dryclean

    London largest platform for dry cleaning. We connect top rated dry cleaners with businesses and customers. We partner with 37 companies ( 112 shops ) in central London. Each company has a non ...

    Trip Advisor for kids' activities. 1400 customers: providers of children's activities in an estimated UK market of 300,000 worth £14bn. B2B: customers pay us a subscripti...

    Helpfulpeeps is a new social network born from a collective belief that life is better when we help each other. We connect people who want help with those willing to help free of charge. Each time you...
    Captive Media Ltd

    Captive Media addresses a key problem in advertising - consumers ignoring, skipping or blocking ads. It does so specifically for millennial men - a demographic highly sought-after by advertisers. It...

    Closir is a platform to help institutional investors discover, research and engage with companies in emerging/frontier markets. Companies get visibility to more investors and tools to target them, inv...
    Subba Media Ltd

    Subba-Cultcha.com is a user generated music reviews platform specifically aimed at the 18-30 year old market. It works with record labels, press agents and bands to secure free passes to festivals and...

    Nifty is an award-winning consumer electronics company that combines market leading innovation with strong industrial design. Its first product - the Nifty MiniDrive - broke the record of being t...

    ‘Road 51’ is a core brand of Startech Internet Limited. It is the online extension of an already successful Newcastle-based property lettings and sales business requiring capital investmen...
    TreatNOW Ltd

    TreatNOW enables men and women to find and book last minute appointments with high quality or luxury health and beauty providers, who are close to your location. Find and book, who’s near, who&r...
    The Social Learning Network Ltd

    The Social Learning Network develops innovative software applications for mobile learning currenty being rolled out to schools around the world. With over 5000 schools in 135 countries Spiral is used ...
    Crozdesk Ltd

    Crozdesk helps businesses discover online software through a powerful comparison platform. Detailed profiles, side-by-side comparisons, data aggregation and automatic ranking algorithms allow business...
    Virtual Insight

    Virtual Insight produces non-gaming content for Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms.
    Owlstand Ltd

    Owlstand.com is an online exhibition platform for art, and provide immersive online viewing experience to art lovers. It aims to offer functions (including curate, showcase, sales, marketing and publi...
    Psonar Limited

    Psonar is revolutionising access to digital music. Its unique Pay As You Go on-demand streaming service offers flexible, affordable access to music for billions of smartphone users worldwide - withou...
    Enable My Team

    MobiBiz Ltd has developed EnableMyTeam (EMT), a cutting-edge cloud based technology to allow collaboration and to deliver intelligence and information throughout the build environment. Organisations t...
    Halo Active

    Our leading innovation the Halo transforms the Helmet market by shifting helmets from "passive" to "active" devices through the use of technologies that offer potentially life savi...

    BackTracker is the social guide for backpackers. A social travel guide that is consistently relevant and up-to-date. A platform for backpackers to record their trip with helpful suggestions ...
    City AM Horse Alpha

    Bringing you something a little more light hearted, for a flutter over the festive season! A departure from the norm in our Season Finale this week – we’re partnering with City A.M. and Michael Ow...
    Goldex Card Limited

    GOLDex helps to easily invest in, safely store and instantly release value from physical gold. With no minimum size of investment, a Mastercard and instant value transfers – GOLDex turns gold i...
    Reward Technology

    Reward Technology (RT) provides a digital detection and communications solution that improves insight and intelligence into consumer behaviour and enhances customer engagement and loyalty - with no ba...
    Gooseberry Planet

    The company has developed an app to teach children about the risks of their online activities through playing a typical computer game. Many teachers and parents give children long talks about the dang...
    Zzish Ltd

    Zzish is a technology platform that lets anyone create state-of-the-art education applications that have a real impact on student achievement faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Our own show...
    The Oak App ltd

    The Problem: People mismanage their personal finances: saving money, using efficient forms of credit or otherwise knowing their own true financial status is something that few of us is capable of. ...

    EduKit is an online platform that connects schools with thousands of opportunities and programmes that can help children and young adults. Youth service providers spend over £350m annual...
    BARE Studios Ltd

    BARE Studio Ltd is a design studio specialised in discovering the “next big idea” in beauty tools which we then design, develop, manufacture and distribute under brand name, J.O.I (Just Ow...
    Inploi (formerly WorkMatch)

    WorkMatch is a smartphone application and web-based platform that makes finding an ad-hoc shift or filling an open position smarter, cheaper, and more efficient. WorkMatch provides a comprehensive, en...
    FEX FindEx Ltd.

    FindEx, is a powerful mobile app that helps users locate the most competitive international currency exchange rates near them offering them detailed information like address, street view, contact deta...

    Racefully is a smartphone and wearables solution that enables users to keep fit with friends, coaches and celebrities from around the world wherever and whenever they want. Racefully uses a patent-pen...
    Nomnom App

    Nomnom makes it easier for people to be fit & healthy. We are a social community & marketplace for health & fitness. 50K Users and revenue generating. Our app is designed like tradi...
    Buyapowa Limited

    Buyapowa powers innovative Introduce-a-Friend programmes or some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers including Costco, O2, EE, Sony, Tesco and Ocado. The technology allows brands and ret...

    Tigmus is the Airbnb for live music. With Tigmus, artists can discover where their fans are and book gigs and tours in the right places at the right times; all in just a few clicks. Tickets for thes...
    Nous Global Markets

    Nous Global Markets is a financial technology company uniquely positioned at the intersection of Finance and Gaming. Nous created Spark Profit as a fun way to engage and educate young, potential...
    USPAAH Ltd

    USPAAH is the only high end, on demand, mobile spa service in London. We cater to people with hectic lives and refined lifestyles and we bring qualified health and beauty professionals to your doorst...
    Facewatch Limited

    Facewatch is a secure online crime reporting and networking platform. Facewatch enables businesses, public and police to tackle low-level crime by sharing images within groups for the prevention ...
    Snugs Earphones

    Snugs Custom-fitted In-Earphones Brand Recently dubbed as “probably the best consumer headphones in the world” by Jonathan Margolis in British Airways online magazine. snugs are the b...

    Sarah Wadham – former Director General – EIS Association:

    Sarah Wadham, former Director General of the EIS Association, is our Special Guest this week, discussing a key issue – Brexit: SME impact?

    Alexandre Covello – CEO – AngelsCube:

    Alexandre Covello, CEO at AngelsCube, is tonight’s “CEO Spotlight” for an in-depth look at this international accelerator network.

    John Zai – CEO and co-founder – Cocoon Networks:

    John Zai, CEO and co-founder of Cocoon Networks, joins us to discuss his firm’s imminent opening of Europe’s biggest incubator, and injecting $500mn of early-stage funding for UK companies. Cocoon is opening up China to UK companies: could this have come at a better time?

    Danceacise - July 11th 2016

    Photocert - July 11th 2016


    • London Tech to Investor in Beijing
    • London Tech to Investor in Beijing
    • London Tech to Investor in Beijing
    • FindEx
    • WorkMatch
    • Virtual Insight
    • BackTracker
    • Owlstand
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    Intelligent Crowd TV helps you to find those great companies. They won’t all succeed but we believe that Intelligent Crowd companies will outperform crowdfunded companies generally.

    How to make best use of Intelligent Crowd:

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    So if you’re time-poor but have income tax you could be offsetting, Intelligent Crowd could be what you need. HMRC sets an annual limit of £100,000 that you can invest in SEIS companies and attract income tax relief at the higher rate of 50% - click here for more details. So to make maximum use of your allowance you could, for example, decide to invest £2000 in one out of the four companies showcased on Intelligent Crowd each week. By the end of the year you will have built a diversified portfolio of 50 companies (all IHT- and CGT-free) and be due £50,000 rebate from HMRC.

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    If you were to invest in a small AIM stock, offshore oil exploration, an African diamond mine or junk bonds, you would be able to find research to assist your decision. Crowdfunded investments remain the only asset class where you are invited to invest your money, without the benefit of any third party research at all. There is a good reason for this: individually, the fundraisings are too small to support commercial research. However, we believe that opportunities can be curated based on some simple rules and information. More information means more intelligent crowdfunding decisions.

    We're looking for innovative new businesses which are scalable, with an international - ideally global - market, in any sector. With the help of our partners at Argus Research, one of the longest established independent research firms in the USA, we are finding compelling stories & impressive managements behind investment-ready propositions.

    Each Thursday, Nick Batsford – City stalwart and financial journalist - will talk with four management teams before handing them over to John Eade, President of Argus Research, and you, our audience, for live Q&A via Skype. Then you’re invited to register an expression of interest with us: an amount that you think you might wish to invest, subject to review of the full business plan and financials, on our nominated FCA-regulated Crowdfunding platform.

    If you, our audience, collectively indicate that a company could achieve its fundraising objective, it will go live, with our audience receiving a link which provides priority access in the investment round for 48 hours. When an investment round closes successfully, Intelligent Crowd TV is paid part of the total fee charged by the Crowdfunding platform to the company.