Posted On: 23 May 2016
Stella James - Goosberry Planet
Gooseberry Planet
The company has developed an app to teach children about the risks of their online activities through playing a typical computer game. Many teachers and parents give children long talks about the dang...
Posted On: 31 Mar 2016
Zzish Ltd
Zzish is a technology platform that lets anyone create state-of-the-art education applications that have a real impact on student achievement faster, better and cheaper than ever before. Our own show...
Posted On: 10 Mar 2016
The Oak App ltd
The Oak App ltd
The Problem: People mismanage their personal finances: saving money, using efficient forms of credit or otherwise knowing their own true financial status is something that few of us is capable of. ...
Posted On: 3 Mar 2016
EduKit is an online platform that connects schools with thousands of opportunities and programmes that can help children and young adults. Youth service providers spend over £350m annual...
Posted On: 17 Feb 2016
BARE Studios Ltd
BARE Studios Ltd
BARE Studio Ltd is a design studio specialised in discovering the “next big idea” in beauty tools which we then design, develop, manufacture and distribute under brand name, J.O.I (Just Ow...
Posted On: 28 Jan 2016
Inploi (formerly WorkMatch)
WorkMatch is a smartphone application and web-based platform that makes finding an ad-hoc shift or filling an open position smarter, cheaper, and more efficient. WorkMatch provides a comprehensive, en...
Posted On: 28 Jan 2016
FEX FindEx Ltd.
FindEx, is a powerful mobile app that helps users locate the most competitive international currency exchange rates near them offering them detailed information like address, street view, contact deta...
Posted On: 10 Dec 2015
Racefully is a smartphone and wearables solution that enables users to keep fit with friends, coaches and celebrities from around the world wherever and whenever they want. Racefully uses a patent-pen...
Posted On: 3 Dec 2015
Buyapowa Limited
Buyapowa powers innovative Introduce-a-Friend programmes or some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers including Costco, O2, EE, Sony, Tesco and Ocado. The technology allows brands and ret...