A great primer on Crowdfunding

Investing often used to seem like a closed shop - the preserve of a wealthy, privileged elite keeping business opportunities all to itself.

Now technology has blown open the doors and given everyone - not just the professional investors and big institutions - a chance to get a piece of the action.

Would-be Warren Buffetts can go online and buy shares in start-ups and early stage companies for as little as £10.

But while there's a chance you could be backing the next Google, Apple, or Facebook, there's also a strong risk you could end up losing all your money.

Online Dragon's Den
This is the world of crowd investing, also known as equity crowdfunding.

The difference with other forms of crowdfunding is that you're not lending money in return for interest on the loan, or donating money in return for rewards and perks, you're actually buying a slice of the company...

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Posted On: 21 Nov 2014