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You should complete this application/registration if

  • • You are preparing for or contemplating an equity crowd funding campaign; or
  • • You would like to reach an audience of Angel investors; or
  • • You are presenting your pitch at an event hosted by a third party, and the live stream is to be hosted by Intelligent Crowd TV.

If you are aiming to raise your first institutional funding (VC, private equity, family office, corporate venture investors) please » Register Here « instead.

Your company can be based anywhere in the world. If selected to appear on “The Seed & EIS Hour”, you would need to attend our studios in London for the live broadcast.

There is no charge to apply or, if your application is successful, to appear. If we introduce you to an equity crowd funding platform where you subsequently close your funding round, we may be remunerated by that platform. If we introduce you to, or connect you via our live stream with, angel or other investors with whom you complete a private placing, you agree to pay us 6% of the value of the investment whether initial or follow-on.

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is to provide your individual information for registration, below.
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Set your password, and log in.
Step 3
See top right of the page, "Submit your company details". If you're investment ready, this should take no longer than about 20 minutes. Our analysts will then be able to review your application.
Questions about appearing on the show, before you apply?

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