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Crowdfest, from Shoreditch Town Hall, 19th & 20th October 2016
Crowdfest, from Shoreditch Town Hall, 19th & 20th October 2016
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Day 1
Keynote: A Vision for the Future - Segment hosted by George Kerevan MP.
The Disruptive Power of Democratised Finance and How it Changes Everything - Panel discussion by Jonathan Waddingham (Senior Product Manager at JUSTGIVING), Ben Aronstein (Chief Marketing Officer at SEEDRS), Emily Mackay (Founder and CEO of CROWDSURFER), Will King (Founder of KING OF SHAVES), Celine Lazorthes (Founder and CEO of LEETCHI GROUP), and Baroness Susan Kramer (Economic Spokesperson at LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, and Former Entrepreneur).
Attracting the Crowd: How to Hack a Successful Campaign without any PR - Presented by Vincent Dignan (Writer and Growth Hacker).
Record-Breaking Success Stories - Presented by Charlie Thullier (Founder and MD of OPPO ICE CREAM), and Daniel Tammas-Hastings (Investment Theorist at RISKSAVE TECHNOLOGIES).
More Than Just Equity and Debt: Understanding Emerging Asset Classes - Panel host Martin Baker, in discussion with Darren Westlake (Co-Founder and CEO of CROWDCUBE), Nicola Horlick (CEO of MONEY&CO), and Phil Geraghty (MD of CROWDFUNDER).
Fintech Investment Focus - Panel discussion with Warren Mead (Partner and Global Co-Head of FINTECH and KPMG), Ricky Knox (CEO of TANDEM BANK), and Tom Blomfield (CEO of MONDO BANK).
Navigating the Best Opportunities - Panel discussion by Lex Deak (Founding Partner of QVENTURES and CEO of OFF3R), Emanuela Vartolomei (Founder and CEO of ALL STREET RESEARCH), Modwenna Rees-Mogg (Co-Founder of CROWDRATING and Founder & CEO of ANGEL NEWS), and Oliver Woolley (CEO and Co-Founder of ENVESTORS LTD).
Risk - It's not a Dirty Word! - Panel discussion hosted by Julia Groves (Partner and Head of Crowdfunding at DOWNING LLP), with Gerhard Grueter (Managing Director at LAWSON CONNER), Frederick Ling (Underwriting Manager at COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONS GROUP and AIG), and Kirsty Grant (Investment Director at SEEDRS).
Where's the exit? - Panel discussion hosted by Bird Lovegod (Co-Founder of DISRUPTS MEDIA LTD, and Publisher of DISRUPTS MAGAZINE and THE FINTECH TIMES NEWSPAPER), with Julia Groves (Partner and Head of Crowdfunding at DOWNING LLP), Henrik Otterson (Head of UK Branch of INVESDOR), Iain Baillie (Founder and Co-CEO of ASSET MATCH), and Steve McCauley (Partner and Executive Leadership Coach at IMPRESARIO MEDIA LLP).
Lunchtime interviews
Grant Calton interview with Roderick Beer of UK Business Angels Association
Grant Calton interview with Oliver Woolley of Envestors Limited
Grant Calton interview with Kirsty Grant of Seedrs
Grant Calton interview with Vincent Dignan
Oliver Woolley interview with James Morton of MANGOPAY
Day 2
Keynote: Meg Hillier (Hackney MP)
Live Pitching & Awards - Judges: Sieng Van Tran (Founder at Egg Accelerator), Phil McCauley (Serial Entrepreneur), Frederik Privert (ELEMENT), and Bill Morrow (CEO & Co-founder of ANGELS DEN)
Richard Theo (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at WEALTHIFY) - Live Pitch
Parinda Kularatne (Chief Experience Officer at SELIFIED) - Live Pitch
Representative from (WHITEREPORT) - Live Pitch
Sagit Weiss (Founder and CEO of CROWDACURE) - Live Pitch
Eric (CEO and Co-Founder of FEAST HAPPY) - Live Pitch
David Geensen (COO and Co-Founder of QUICKSCORE) - Live Pitch
Marco Bacchilega (Founder of BAKUUN.COM) - Live Pitch
Will Grave (Founder of GIVE A QUIT) - Live Pitch
Floyd Hutchinson (Founder and Director of TABLEDASH) - Live Pitch
Jamie Campbell (Head of Experience at BUD) - Live Pitch
David Tenemaza Kramaley (CEO at CHESSABLE) - Live Pitch
Andrew Nowell (Founder and CEO of PITPAT PET) - Live Pitch
Crowdfest 2016 LIVE Pitch - Awards Ceremony
Blending VC/Angel Funding with Crowdfunding for Mentoring, Validation, Feedback - Panel discussion with Jenny Tooth OBE (CEO of UK BUSINESS ANGELS ASSOCIATION), Eva Weber (Investment Director at VENTURE FOUNDERS), and Matthew Bradley (Senior Investor at FORWARD PARTNERS).
Record-Breaking Success Stories - Presented by Jane Ni (Inventor and CEO of SUGRU).
Brexit: The Crowd has Spoken - So What Does it Mean for Crowdfunding? - Panel discussion hosted by Dr. Therese Torris (CROWDFUND INSIDER), with John Corey (Founder of PROPERTY FORTRESS), Sam Robinson (Partner at NABARRO), and Louise Beaumont (Head of Public Affairs & Marketing at GLI FINANCE).
Essential Regulatory Update - Panel discussion hosted by Gillian Roche-Saunders (Partner at BATES WELLS BRAITHWAITE), with Paul Massey (General Counsel at CROWDCUBE), Dr. Richard Theo (CEO at WEALTHIFY), Johanna Palin (Chief Legal Officer at INVESDOR LTD), and Julian Cork (COO at LANDBAY).
What Does a 'Successful' Crowdfunding Campaign Look Like? - Presented by Bill Morrow (CEO and Co-Founder at ANGELS DEN).