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This form is for Series A-ready companies only. If

  • • You are preparing for or contemplating an equity crowd funding campaign; or
  • • You would like to reach an audience of Angel investors; or
  • • You are presenting your pitch at an event hosted by a third party, and the live stream is to be hosted by Intelligent Crowd TV,

DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM. Instead, you should » Apply Here « so that you are able to provide comprehensive details about your company.

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This agreement applies to your appearance on “The Series A Hour with Match Capital” as well as any event hosted by a third party, at which the live stream is to be hosted by Intelligent Crowd TV.

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  • A Fixed Fee of £4,000 (+ VAT); or
  • A Success Fee of 4% of funds successfully raised (whether initial or follow-on, equity or debt), from member(s) of our audience (whether attending in person, live online, or on demand), whether acting individually, for a company, or as part of a syndicate or network.

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