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You should complete this application/registration if you are already listed, or will be listing imminently, on an equity crowdfunding platform.

If you are aiming to raise your first institutional funding (from VC, private equity, family office, corporate venture investors) DO NOT PROCEED. Please » Register Here « for The Series A Hour with Match Capital instead.

Your company can be based anywhere in the world. If selected to appear on “Crowd Channel Live” you would need to attend our studios in London for the live broadcast. You can find examples of previous campaign interviews here

There is no charge to apply. If you are selected to appear, you will be offered the earliest possible interview date on the program, which airs live at 7pm on Mondays.

Soon to be launched campaigns (or campaigns conducted off-platform):
The audience will be invited to contact and engage with you directly. Once an interview date is confirmed with you, you agree to pay a booking fee of £995 + VAT

Recently-launched campaigns:
The audience will be invited to visit your campaign on the relevant crowdfunding platform. Once an interview date is confirmed with you, you agree to pay a booking fee based upon successfully reaching your target (whether on or off the crowdfunding platform) as follows:
   A.   If you don’t reach your target: no fee is payable
   B.   If you reach target: £595
   C.   If you overfund upto 110%: £995
   D.   If you overfund upto 120%: £1495
   E.   If you overfund beyond 120%: £1995
All plus VAT. Payment is due upon your receipt of the funds.
To avoid any doubt, if your campaign does not reach its minimum target, no fee is payable.

Over-funding campaigns:
You may wish to maximise your fundraising opportunity, while the campaign is live. If you have already reached your initial target, we will offer you the earliest possible interview date and you agree to a booking fee of £795 + VAT.

This one-time registration provides you with access to all of our programing free of charge together with the upcoming program schedules, briefing notes on the companies presenting, and updates on our news and developments. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time, using a link provided.

Please read our privacy statement here and tick the box to confirm that you have read and understood how we will use and protect your personal information.

Please note, information submitted must be complete and accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete registrations cannot be approved.

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