Crowdfunding show features tips on how to invest and companies pitching live

Thinking about putting money into crowdfunding? New show features tips on how to invest and companies pitching live

By Eleanor Lawrie For on 16 May 2016

Would you invest in a company you saw pitch on a TV show? The interviewees on The Seed & EIS Hour hope so.

The programme aims to educate viewers about crowdfunding, and also gives two slots a week to innovative young businesses looking for investment.

If viewers are impressed by their pitch they can register their interest during or straight after the show, meaning they will be first in line to fund the idea.

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The new third series from will go out online every Monday night for nine weeks from the 16 May onwards at 8pm.

The series is based on the premise that crowdfunding is an exciting new investment opportunity but it is essential to know the risks and do it right.

Interested parties must go through a registration process and confirm they are a high net worth or 'sophisticated' investor before they can watch the show.

In some instances, the companies featured will have already started their campaign on a crowdfunding platform, while others are gauging interest before they start raising money.

As well as two pitches, the show also features a member of the crowdfunding or angel investor community discussing topical or educational issues such as understanding the tax benefits and how to build a portfolio of early stage companies.

The first episode of this series will feature a partner from one of London's leading Intellectual Property law firms, discussing the importance of IP for early stage companies and investors.

Shane Smith is the CEO of Intelligent Crowd TV, the company behind the show.

He says: 'The idea is to help the audience to find the best investment propositions. We find two deals to put to them each week, and two guests from the [crowdfunding] ecosystem to give insight in to what is happening in the space.'

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Posted On: 18 May 2016