Award winning seed-stage funding series returns

We invite you to join us live tonight at 8pm for debate and discussion as part of The Seed and EIS Hour.

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The Seed and EIS Hour, produced by Intelligent Crowd TV, begins its third season on May 16, 2016.

Launched first in 2015, it is the world’s first series dedicated to seed-stage funding by Crowd, Angel, Private Equity, Family Office and Corporate Venturing investors. The focus is on curated, harder-to-explain B2B investment opportunities and streams. It goes out live at 8pm every Mondays to PCs, smartphones and tablets.

CEO Shane Smith commented: “The Seed & EIS Hour is proud to have played a part in the fundraising journeys of fifteen of the companies showcased in Seasons 1 & 2, and we’re looking forward to interviewing a new portfolio of exciting early-stage companies in the coming series.

“Typically the companies that we select to showcase have more sophisticated business models or products than average but, in our view, offer superior investment prospects – particularly as part of the diversified and balanced portfolio approach that we advocate. The Seed & EIS Hour provides an opportunity for our brightest young companies to explain themselves to potential investors – and provides our audience with an efficient and powerful tool to find and evaluate the leading companies of the future.”

You can watch the first episode of The Seed and EIS Hour on Monday 16th May at 8pm. Click here to register.

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Posted On: 18 May 2016